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We specialize in pest control services and offer additional solutions for the benefit of our customers. Click on a link below to find out more about a particular service or simply read this entire page to familiarize yourself with our range of expertise.

1. Pest control services
2. Woodborer & fungal decay
3. Bird control services
4. Methyl bromide fumigations
5. Environmental division (Hygiene Services)
6. Electrical inspections & repairs


Pest Control Sevices

Pest Control Services Igshaan Karriem is the person in charge of the pest control and hygiene services. His duties vary from sales to servicing of premises. The pest control division offers our clients a contractual service or a once-off treatment. All our work is guaranteed and we assure our clients of a professional service with the most up to date chemicals and methods in the industry.

Woodborer & fungal decay

Woodborer & fungal decay
Aubrey Harris handles all our beetle inspections, fungal decay inspection and also our beetle eradication. This service is to do with the structural timbers in your house or in any building including floors, even in your doors and window frames. All remedial work done is guaranteed.

Bird Control Services

Bird Control Services Gerald Fortune is the person concerned with the every day running of the company. He also specialises in bird control services. This service is to rid buildings, warehouses and domestic premises of nuisance birds. For all your bird problems, contact Gerry to come out and give you a free quotation.

Methyl Bromide Fumigations

Methyl Bromide Fumigations This is a highly specialized field, and Pestokil has the necessary skills and experience for this kind of work. Methyl Bromide is a gas that penetrates through timber (and even walls).
It can be used to fumigate ships, warehouses, stacks of spices, etc. to eliminate undesirable insects.

Environmental Division

Your Potential Hygiene Problem - Pestokil Will Overcome

A. Sanitary Disposal Unit

  1. Slimline design for use in individual cubicles.
  2. Robust construction with modesty tray to prevent visibility of contents.
  3. Eco-friendly germicide contained within unit is to eliminate all forms of micro-organisms.
  4. Service frequency tailored to suit customer requirements, clean sanitized units supplied on each visit.
  5. No power source required. No fitting cost. No involvement of customer’s own staff.

B. Soap Dispenser

     1. Supplied or serviced.
     2.   a) Stylish, easy to clean design,
           b) Visible soap level,
           c) No mess,
           d) Easy to refill,
           e) Minimize risk of bacteria contamination.
     3. Choice of enriched hand lotion or anti-bacterial soap.

C. Fragrance Unit

  1. Compact, battery operated system that emits a fresh fragrance to overcome unpleasant odors.
  2. In addition to washrooms, can be situated in other locations throughout buildings.
  3. Various fragrances available

D. Deep Cleaning

This service is designed to assist in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene in washroom locations.

  1. Removes the build-up of uric acids within the toilet bowl and urinals.
  2. Limescale from washbasins and shower cubicles.6

Electrical Inspections & Repairs

We do electrical inspections and repairs in domestic environments. Best of all, now you can count on the same company to do the Beetle and Electrical Inspections on your home.  We issue the appropriate clearance and compliance certificates as required by law for new houses.

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